Monday, June 1, 2015

Illegal curry puff 'factory' with over 1,000 likes

My sympathy goes out to this family. Her husband was very irresponsible and left them with barely the means to get by. But there are lots of such stories and the reason why I am blogging about this is the response this story has elicited.

She is getting an overwhelming overflow of sympathy from the public! 1150, 580 and 433 likes in just 4 hours.

Singapore society hate to see this happen. I think we want to do better for such on the rocks cases.

We used to make life potentially difficult for them to minimize such situations but looking back it doesn't work and we have been simplistic about family life. Fact of life is people do make errors of judgement leading them to fall on hard times and even through the cracks.

1 comment:

  1. She will get pity till someone ganna food poisoning, then people will get angry with gahmen why they never stop them. Anyway most properly if the curry puff are well prepared, there will not be any risks at all.