Thursday, June 4, 2015

George Yeo: China mostly misunderstood

George Yeo is brilliant and often there is more to learn from than disagree with him. However this time, I feel he missed the point.

Only under the right circumstances and journey into the future to the point when China becomes a superpower will she be a benign and constructive force in the world. But if western powers set up road blocks and often try to trip her up except for self interest in mutual business benefit, do not expect China to be nice when she can afford not to. The distrust built up over the years which she quietly tolerate until she doesn't need to would surface at that time.

I don't think the western powers do not understand China. I think they chose not to because trusting China at that level George Yeo suggested works against their historical experience and beliefs. This is visceral, emotional and stronger than reason. Making such speeches ain't going to help but working to help each side understand the other is what truly counts.

The west must avoid indulging themselves to create a self fulfilling prophecy of China, and China must do better to make herself understood.

What we need are peace makers with a long term vision. George Yeo speech was incomplete and missed much. Meanwhile the US just signed with India a ten year security pact. Nobody missed the point that the target is China.


  1. Why is he in the news so much recently?

    Prepare yourself for a return of the prodigal son.

  2. What has his Catholic education done for him ? Disgraceful Commie !