Thursday, June 4, 2015

FIFA: Lessons in Corruption

Yesterday Sepp Blatter resigned which surpirsed nobody. This morning I got the above from NYT in my inbox.

Lots of people know FIFA wasn't clean for a long time but they could not do much about it beyond complaining and informing. So as usual what happens is that the corruption grew and grew until it has to be stopped.

The corrupt typically become addicted to their habit of racketeering. We just give them rope to hang themselves. Each society and organisation must decide how much rope is too much rope.

It is the same with Singapore society too. We are not corruption free and recently we got the balance wrong and the PM had to beef up the resources of CPIB. The question is where do we strike the balance. Fighting corruption is expensive especially the unmeasurable costs. Society loves the myth of a place free of corruption. I hope we will eventually realize that this is not possible unless we are willing to pay the heavy price.

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