Saturday, June 6, 2015

Earthquake: Freak tragedy at Mt Kinabalu

First thing I was looking for this morning was an update on this quake. I had feared the worst when I read last night about the missing pupils and teachers. Very sad to learn the demise of the TKPS pupil. I used to drive by that school fairly often. To an outsider they were unusual because everywhere primary school children wear white shoes. At TKPS they wear black.

Wilkie Ong spoke for many of us including myself. Why did Peter Tan have to bring Jesus into this? They regularly pop up when something like this happen. What is the point here? Doesn't he know that you spend every wakeful moment thinking death might come anytime you could end up dying from mental illness? Christians like him are sending out a strong signal to non believers to avoid the Gospel. I bet he doesn't take his own advice and he is probably also blind to that fact. But Facebook is a free for all place and we have to allow people to say their peace.

Doris had probably never been to Mt. Kinabalu. I have seen kids climbing the much harder Kilimanjaro. Everything is unsafe for the reckless and every adventure must have adequate safety planning. I can sympathize with Doris and her kind but I hope such parents do their homework instead of remaining in the zone of fear. Well not all kids are suitable for climbing Kinabalu or even OBS if they are outliers. At the end of the day parents must know their children. Just don't extrapolate your kids to other children.

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  1. Why bring Jesus into the picture indeed? The message He gave was to ask us to remain vigilant with our individual lifestyle for we do not know the moment we would be called to meet the Creator. Blessed are the little children who are innocent and they will see God. More of a warning for us adults - Christian and non Christian - to stay accountable for what we do while alive. Even reaching out to those who are in our religious fold or outside.