Monday, January 26, 2015

The Tragedy of the Egyptians...Arabs

I feel so sad for the Egyptians and its neighbors who had lived through the Arab Spring for nothing.

What is the lesson here? That what they had under Mubarak was bad but it was also the least worst.

The world is not going to stand still for Egyptians and Arabs. Perhaps it should because the Middle East will be a spoiler as it gets left behind.

When you look north where Europe is, there is only weak leadership. They can't even look after themselves properly not to mention their Muslim minorities. The Europeans will only be trying to desperately put out fires when their interests face imminent threats.

The Chinese will be the most motivated to step up to the plate. America will find its erstwhile key partners have become feeble. The world is going to look very different in the decades ahead.

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  1. An interesting time indeed, and

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