Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrorists: Winning by Losing

I wonder if Europe do not already have hidden in plain sight the critical mass of militants to make this strategy possible.

If they do or when they get there they no longer need to succeed in most attacks they attempt. They would just need to attack often enough to make whole populations in cities feel on edge. They can win by instilling constant fear.

On the other hand European governments know this is possible. That is why there is an overwhelming police and military presence now in France.

When push comes to shove, the Europeans will have to temporarily suspend some of their civil liberties to preserve their security. Unlike the Americans, these guys had spent too much time talking peace. often hypocritically and failing to prepare for war.

The Swiss just gave up their peg to the Euro. It is getting darker in Europe but there is no other way to fair weather without passing through the storm.

Similarly the front page of today's papers tell me that Singapore economic restructuring is too painless to get the results we need and stronger pain is coming. It could be at the most inconvenient time for the PAP when they need to call for elections.

Update: 6:40 am

Some numbers from the WSJ article.


  1. Pope Francis made a very common sense comment on the plane enroute to Manila from Colombo yesteryday. He advised "don't kill in the name of faith, but don't ridicule religion either". He even jokingly if his friend standing next to him insulted his mother, the former would expect a punch
    Now that's a good joke and not like those who do not respect others and ridicule them think they are making a joke!

  2. The human race needs to regain sanity before falling into self destruction. Hopefully Pope Francis' message will be taken to heart by all of goodwill before it becomes too late.
    Six of his best quotes during his short stay in Sri Lanka can be watched on

  3. How honest can one be these days? Signs of the times?

    "Seems world leaders didn't "lead" #CharlieHebdo marchers in Paris but conducted photo op on empty, guarded street"

  4. I would prefer the less media coverage of French Muslim leaders meeting the Pope immediately after the charlie incident. Let God be the judge, but there may be more genuinty in this event than the march