Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SG: Because we let some get rich first

Far too many blame and some even went as far as to curse the MIW for making Singapore society what it is now with a yawning income and wealth gap.

To me, I thought LKY as the power behind the PMs after him made the mistake. He followed the American Republican party and Deng which said: Let some get rich first.

So he let some get rich first and the wealth got stuck like it does everywhere and the $$$ gaps appear and stayed there.

Survey the economies across the world which are not enemies of America. This is the same outcome and often worse than ours. Even Iran an arch foe of America has a widening wealth gap.

And what if we had chosen differently. I think we would be more equal and markedly poorer as well. If so, we made a mistake to avoid a bigger one. Now as long as a decision is seen as a mistake you get no gratitude. You have to figure a way to be around to fix it.

This is beyond our control but what we need now is for the major powers to start taxing their rich class so that we can also do the same here with little negative impact on ourselves. This is the life of the price taker.

Now I want to see how the WP milk this. Then I know if they are as bad and opportunistic as the PAP.

Among politicians I suspect and fear many are Gou Jians. Then we become a normal country and we go down.

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  1. The Richest 1% Are About To Own Over Half Of Global Wealth

    so the rich owns the government (and the world then). Is this the way our red dot will go??

  2. http://redliontrader.com/its-a-1-world-and-youre-not-in-it-christies-sales-hit-record/

    Referring to an article in FT, it is notable that Christie’s saw total sales rise 16%, topping $5bn for the first time driven by a 30% in ‘new buyers’ as central bank largesse leaked out of the 1% pockets. The Americas remained the primary driver of growth, accounting for 38% of sales and the largest proportion of new buyers
    Tells a lot that the rich must be really filthy rich there, and the poor - filthy poor??