Sunday, January 11, 2015

Security: A hypocritical DPM Teo

There is a glaring omission from the DPM? What about the repeated security compromises at the MRT depots?

Don't talk to me about resilience when you are hardly doing a good enough job!

A few hours later his deputy in Home Affairs S. Iswaran pretty much spewed the same platitudes.

I have no regrets if both of them are not in the next Cabinet, especially the DPM. Wasn't he the one in charge of the population white paper too? Also he had a totally wrong concept of what nurses do.

Update: 4:55pm

Even before I read and posted Teo Chee Hean Facebook post, I had read this from the NYT earlier this morning. It made me wonder how much that was true of France is also true of us. Are we waiting to be tested and found wanting before we do something.

We have an inadequate culture of accountability. In Shanghai I am sure we will see heads roll over the stampede during the New Year Eve celebrations.


  1. Some interesting thoughts - Curious Charlie Carnage
    The hard reality - innocents are always caught in the crossfire.
    God have mercy!

  2. Not too long ago
    Arson Attack On German Newspaper After Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons As Thousands Take To The Streets In France
    with live feed :

    All started with a provocative act. Is it freedom of speech to mock christianity as much as islam?? Or just plain rudeness. Tells a lot about how much mutual respect exists anymore

  3. The DPM should ask himself what will create a people who are resilient, united and unafraid. It cannot be done by decree. Are we heading in that direction? Not when population of natural Singaporeans, who once had a clearly defined ethos, are diluted to the point where we are a minority in many workplaces. Platitudes are the stock in trade of lazy or tired minds. Which are they ?

  4. Lest we forget ... history!

    The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?

  5. Using his standard "motherhood" template as usual. He can't even manage the security of Singapore, let alone talked about our safety and vigilant. Snake is snake, they cannot escaped being one even if their change their tone to look caring.

  6. This is our minister of homeland security speaking - what do you think?

    We have let in millions of fifth columnists - what total defence are we talking about?

    In times of mobilization, how do our citizens report to their camps? Nearly all of the bus drivers are foreigners. And they might just go on strike - after all it is not their fight and they have justified grievances in being underpaid.

    Who are those manning our security at the airport, seaport and land checkpoints? Largely foreigners.

    And who's go to tend to our wounded soldiers and civilian patients and casualties in our hospitals? Pinoy nurses who have publicly denounced Stinkaporeans and vowed to kill them off.

    What do you think? We have ministers who are paid in the millions looking at the trees, and forgetting about the forest.

  7. There's also the matter of who's dealing with IT security and with banking.
    It is so easy for outsiders to sabotage Singapore. These days, we cannot
    handle even a small riot. .

  8. Talking about tweeting - responsibly. Hope Harry Potter's Rowling put some sense into that media magnate Murdoch (and other like people)'s brain to look at history in proper context for the sake of humanity. I am afraid Murdoch is no christian as much as those terrorists are no Muslim.

  9. I always love history lessons since school days - and can learn a lot from them

    If Muslims Are Responsible for Muslim Terrorism …
    Posted on January 12, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog

    If Muslims are responsible for Muslim terrorism, then …

    All Christians are responsible for Ku Klux Klan violence against African-Americans.

    And all Christians are responsible for the Norwegian terrorist who murdered 77 civilians.

    And all Christians are responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and all Christian fundamentalist violence.

    And all Christians are responsible for Hitler and the Nazis.

    And all Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are responsible for all of the terrorism carried out by the crazy extremists who use the name of their religions as well.

    links are available on

  10. "How to beat terrorism - stop making the same 7 mistakes"
    Good read :

  11. Palestinian group Hamas said: differences in opinion and thought do not justify murder.