Friday, January 16, 2015

PM: A decade on the job

The PM unequivocally admitted his government failure to provide adequate infrastructure for our needs is most welcomed. However I am still disquieted by the plans to house 6.9 million as per the PWP. Sure it is a planning number but it wouldn't be when the time comes. It will be real numbers.

For the civil servants and ministers to show that they have maximized assets, they will figure all sorts of ways to top up to 6.9 million population if the capacity is created. As always when they build too many flats they also find all sort of ways to sell them. It is just how they think and act and this cannot change until they first assure us they will not indulge this habit.

Foresight is difficult but my daughter's essay revealed some of its secrets. For me, I have lowered my expectations of this government because their ability to see far is quite limited. Just manage risk well and most times the foresight deficit will take care of itself. As I observed repeatedly, they can't even do this bit well, so please don't sell me your foresight.

Don't pay too much attention to those scenario planning stuff. It was made of a world which no longer exists. It had failed to deliver and provided policy makers with a false sense of knowing the future.

And always remember, everything costs money but money is not everything.

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