Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New iPhone 6 case

Bought wifey a Moshi iPhone case ($60) last night. Superbly made and I hope she enjoys it.

It is hard to find the perfect case and I think it doesn't exist yet for her. Unlike her I don't believe this would be her last phone case. She had so many for her iPhone 5.

When a phone case is also a fashion accessory, it is silly to think one is enough especially when it is so easy to insert and remove the phone from the Moshi.

Her trusty old iPod Touch bought at Del Monte in California on Black Friday three years ago had never had any other cases but to me that is because the case was quite nice but most important it is impossibly hard to open the case. This Moshi is an easy snap on and off.

Keep an eye out for bling bling cases.

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