Saturday, January 17, 2015

Love of Money: Boy who came back from Heaven

I remember this book with a different cover; a boy with outstretched arms against a yellow background. I got my copy from the NLB eLibrary but never got round to reading beyond the first few pages because though I didn't smell a rat there was a faint hint of one.

Turned out the whole thing was one big lie.

These evangelicals were more interested in the money they could make touting this book than anything else. It has now stopped because the truth has emerged in a powerful way and they simply can't continue selling it. Otherwise I bet they will keep mining profits with this one.

Their God is Money. It is the God of many. It is also the popular God that is worshipped by loving action than loud mouthful praise which they leave for the God of their Bibles.

In other words, they were two timers. I have more respect for the more honest single timing money worshiper.


  1. So typical of americans who con people especially in the name of the Christian God. It is disgusting to see those televangelists like Benny Hinn who has been faking up his relationship with God and milking gullible people of their money. In recent times, all these heaven and near-death experiences are whipping up lots of money for the perpetuators. Not only they are fleecing people's money, they are usually very bigotry and have no tolerance or respect for other religions, Time people start waking up and don't let these crooks hijack Jesus.

  2. Just leave it to those ugly americans to cook up anything- and everything - in the name of Heaven, not just God!! They really make Christianity so disgusting!!

  3. You mentioned a book with a boy in the cover and a yellow background. I think you are referring to another near-death experience - it's Heaven is for Real. They even make a movie of it. I am sure it is big business for the evangelical media and preaching ministry. But as typical, it is so white-american-Jesus and can only offer one salvation - in the Jesus of their Bible.