Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Janadas Devan first class speech at IPS

A beautiful and moving speech by Janadas Devan. He is as gifted with the pen as his late father was.

Let our present leaders note and the people remember we had luck on our backs getting here! If you believe in prayer, you must pray for your country and not stop. If you are not a person of prayer, you must remain humble and optimistic. It is OK to exclaim, "Heng Ah!" The believers will cover for the unbelievers.

In the context of the present I cannot help but also use our historical experience to better understand the stand off between Greece and the EU. However I don't want to spoil this post discussing that unholy matter here. Sure, there wasn't anything holy too about what we went through. It is time and tides that have hallowed it during which we were refined in the crucible. Sadly but rightly Janadas Devan warn us that we might have lost much of it. We need to recapture that and SG50 is the right occasion.

This is the year of remembrance and bonding as one people, one nation. Those who are only here for economic reasons, you are second class. We will have a mutually beneficial, as good as it last relationship. No hard feelings, it was only business eh? We mustn't waste time and moderate our expectations from our guest citizens. In order to survive, we must get real. Who can be counted when the crunch comes. Don't know when but it will come.

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