Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fired over the Shangai Stampede

Those officials who were fired over the Eve of New Year stampede would have wished they were Singapore civil servants. Here nobody gets fired unless it begins with an invitation to CPIB for kopi.

Of course you can kinda of lose your job if you happen to be an elected official because the voters would push you out.

The PAP will pay a horrific price if they had failed to let Michael Palmer go. The same for the WP with Yaw Shin Leong.

Chinese accountability is like elsewhere and probably more severe. Except for elections the way they run their place is very similar to us. After all by now thousands of them have visited us to be trained. It is fair to compare governance in Shanghai with Singapore.

So much for accountability here.

I am waiting for the next time someone steals into a train depot again. Hopefully it would only be graffiti and not a bomb.

What if it is a bomb? I think nobody would get fired too. I don't mind to be completely wrong on this one.

Remember if bombs go off on our trains, unlike many western cities that were attacked, economically we cannot clamp down like them as that would choke our open economy. I think we avoid trouble by making sure that we are not as high a priority target as other foreign cities. It is a precarious life.

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