Saturday, January 3, 2015

Enough Indians with the rape habit

This is the final straw for me. India is the rape country bar none. This rape was planned and systematic. Not just rape but sexual slavery.

This is a country that is long on the talk and short on action. India is always a trade and not for long term investing because they are so prone to hunting down their foot to shoot.

If they cannot respect each other by doing something about their toilets what can we expect from them? On the other hand I am not blind to their Martian feat. Of course if you examine the details, they cheated albeit not illegally. Try to be the first to send a moving shoe box to Mars before the Americans the results couldn't be more different. The devil is always in the details as a work through for the recent collapse of the oil price also suggest. But people are lazy readers and it is attention grabbing to compare the budget for Hollywood's Gravity to landing an Indian craft on Mars.

In other words India is for suckers. And what has come from Goh Chok Tong's India fever? Yes, the Delhi Belly.

Unfortunately they are too big to ignore and we need to work with them.

Update: Jan 8, 1:20pm

I have forgotten our involvement in this until Jack Sim mentioned it. I think this is a good calculated risk by our government. Shows that all the experience gained in China is put to the best use. An opportunity to understand insufferable and complex India better.

Update: Jan 13 1:40pm

The bigger picture uncovered by the NYT.

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