Friday, January 2, 2015

Dr. Doom in the New Year

Ah, Dr. Doom has something for us via Project Syndicate for the New Year.

Turn back the clock two decades. A few of us, all very young were discussing such Kondrateiff type waves in the office. But we were talking about something so far away. No longer.

We can do many things, some smart and many stupid options. What we mustn't do is leave it entirely to the market. Relatively speaking Singapore is doing very well but as usual we can and want to do better.

Really, if 2015 must have a theme, that would be safety and security. That could well be the best way to arrive in 2016 in the best shape.

On top of many things we need to do, the hardest could be strategic waiting. President Obama does that but is totally unappreciated for it. Time will tell when he leaves office who is right. I think History will be kinder to him.

For us, we have a huge problem of finding a successor for LHL. That moment is only a few short years away but who knows, like his wife he could very well stay on longer than expected. Except for a noisy minority, I don't think many people would be complaining.


  1. Dr Doom must have like many of us been reading all the scifi novels (and their screen spinoffs) - the robots are here admist a world where there are a few elitists (very rich no doubt) and masses of the poor has arrived!

  2. There is a series of 4 part documentary (from BBC) entitled The Century of the Mind - you may find time to watch. (

  3. and there are other BBC documentaries on the same site that may be interesting to watch