Saturday, November 8, 2014

Visiting the US again: What Tips Meant

Every Saturday the NYT send me an email sharing what their writers are reading. First on the list was about tipping.

I am always interested to learn as much as possible how the poor are coping. In ordinary moments this is a story far away on the other side of the earth, nothing to do with us over here except that we are traveling again to the USA soon.

Whilst we are there for a couple of weeks, we will try to help. I am not going to think about if they deserve it. Just leave some kindness merited or otherwise behind. We don't look like them and in some places we might not be treated well. Unlike Down Under this happen much less often.

Before I wrote the above I had just read the email John Mauldin had shared (here's the article version). This time it was a very interesting experience because I was practically reading myself. This was the forest and earlier in the morning I had looked at some trees.

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