Friday, November 7, 2014

Sim Lim Square and Govt Indecency

To me the plot is very simple. The government has for decades pretended not to see what's going on.

In the early days our government was like a young mother who was driven out of the family - think evicted from the Federation. And like those HK movies produced at that time, the young mother was forced into prostitution in order to feed the children, an indecent but perhaps necessary decision.

But we are no longer poor even if we always have reasons to be afraid that we could be very quickly given how vulnerable we are. Unfortunately the habit forged in adversity is stuck with us. All we wanted is to get as much money from foreigners as possible. The latest and publicly most successful were the two casinos. We want foreigners to leave behind their cash but discourage locals from patronizing them. To digress as I can't help myself, Sheldon and Genting understand the gamblers better and knew it would be hard to keep out many locals. The government was indecent, and its casino partners were worse. The whole gambling business, the government should stay out of especially if they think long term.

A shop assistant can make 20 grand a month scamming mobile phone customers. Most of these are foreign money. You get the picture? As long as the money stays in Singapore, it didn't matter how it is got. Really indecent.

As the kids grew up the wise mother knew she must leave the sex trade or risk losing everything. Not only is it time to quit being so indecent, it is actually really late.

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  1. 3 cases in 1 week and not to mention previous cases in the past and what has Case or in particular the Govt done? They are more concerned about animal welfare with the debate in Parliament.
    The online vigilantes are more active in doing the right thing and shaming the culprits than authorities.
    Shame on the those bloodsuckers. And shame on Case and the Govt too