Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reclaiming our values: Ban on Shisha

They are finally coming around to getting rid of the shisha. Good!

Together with the two casinos I have always viewed allowing shisha smoking here as myopic and emblematic of a money minded government selling out on our values.

I don't know who gave the go ahead then. It was a politically inane move. There are just things we don't sell for money especially our values.

They must know all along that shisha smoking is addictive and bad for health. Even as an individual I knew that when we were living in Dubai. Unfortunately too many among us did not and so it came in. So in Sisha and a few things else and out our trust in the government. Was it worth it? I think as a society we are better off as we respond by forming civic groups to study the issues independently of the government. For the PAP it was a stupid move. Fortunately for them they are not bad at learning from their mistakes.


  1. My concern is more than shisha. The trend is clear, they increasingly put their hands everywhere. I dont like the decreasing of motorcycle COE, and I harbour suspicion on their plan for bicycle. Some of it, healthcare, education, nursing home, retirement. Every little thing.

    I dont want my children become zombie. Someone else zombie.

    So far its true, it simply

    a hotel

    Its long to be one

  2. What exactly are our values, and who has the final word on them - you?

  3. Ban on shisha, why no ban on smoking? Is taxes collected or not collected the real reason?

  4. Time they ban smoking. And maybe more on those who are so irresponsible leaving a heavy overhang of venom in the elevator or pathway even long after they have left "the scene of the crime". Have they tried smoking themselves to death in their little enclosed box?