Monday, November 3, 2014

MOM bad idea: Hiring PR experts

The first thing on my mind when I read this article in the morning was MOM didn't learn from Anton Casey who had a PR agency failed him big time, and numerous other examples I can't completely recall.

MP Baey Yam Kheng with PR background hasn't been a glorious example for the other MPs and Ministers to communicate with the public.

Why use the PR firms, they are not good for reaching out across the spectrum. They are only good for clear and targeted audiences on specific issues.

I hope this is not a money wasting exercise.


  1. Then pay so high for what?

    Even simple task talk to your own children

    cannot do

  2. rather than making empty remarks related to pay/salaries, I actually find this idea quite refreshing. govt communication has been quite bare/failing for awhile and its takes a hit on their image. as long as I understand how the civil service works, they are well-equipped in experts for research and analysis, but PR is a area they don't bother for decades (maybe due to overconfidence that they don't need to). so at least this idea is at least refreshing, and an attempt to draw on other people's expertise (an area the civil service severely lack)

    1. The best PR is results. They used to get them but aren't so successful now. That's why they never bothered much with PR then. In fact LKY in the early 90s defended high ministerial salaries with the results they would bring. We all know what happened. Not every minister is like Tharman.

      If you sub communication to the PR guys how are you going to connect successfully with the public? How are you going to fashion meaningful and successful policies then?

      Recently Virgin Galactic space plane crashed. Most big corp would hire a PR agency to manage the communication but Richard Branson flew in and manage this himself. That's why Virgin is different and savvy.....

      Hiring PR experts is for division two players. I thought we need a division one team no less.

    2. Singapore is rich

      Next time I will hire maid just to talk to my children

      If my children dont understand, thats the maid fault

      I will replace the maid

      Still dont understand, I will replace the maid and blame the children

      Still dont understand, I will bring neighbour children in so my children can feel the heat, of course must replace the maid

      Still dont understand, I will bash my children in front of neighbour children, replace the maid is a must

      Did I tell u that maids and neighbour children affordable?

    3. @ peng you. your example abt Richard branson is very true. what the pap needs is a leader with a big presence and a personal touch. they used to have that in lky. but for the next 2 generations of leaders, they don't have that. if they want to continue winning, they need to field a prospective PM candidate with that quality. Among the 4th gen leader being touted, I can only see one with traces of that quality, and for this reason, I think he will be the candidate.