Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday arrives here

Someone left let a comment a little while ago about Black Friday shopping exported from the USA to everywhere.

Yesterday I saw this advert by Robinsons. So it has finally made its way here. In fact I wonder why it took so long.

On cue I went looking for people celebrating the Thanksgiving meal. Yes, that has also arrived for those willing to pay. I emailed my friend in Indiana about it. We had been discussing this for years.


  1. In no time, we will see the ugly and violent sights of shoppers surfacing on this Red Dot where many educated americans I know gladly escape to from such madness (and other degrading acts) in their homeland. What great exports we can expect from USA!!

  2. How a society degenerates
    Suggest watching Black Friday 31 years then and now

    and how Singaporeans love to ape "foreign talent", things to come - and I am sure, we don't need thirty years probably three at most