Sunday, November 30, 2014

A mug's story

I broke my mug and blogged about it in March this year. Wifey gave me her mug to use and she went back to using her old one. As it was pink colored mug, I never got used to it. There were times I mistook my daughter's blue mug as mine. I have no problems with pink polos and shirts but just could never get used to a pink mug or pants or God forbid socks. On the other hand pink ties are very nice. I even used one for my wedding.

Last night with the Takashimaya vouchers from opening a Citi account, I bought myself the green mug. This morning wifey was already back to using the pink mug. I thought she said she didn't want it? Of course she said that. How else would she get me to use her mug?

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