Sunday, November 9, 2014

30.7 Celsius Indoor

Four days ago, the "mercury" read 30.7C at 11pm.

This morning before I delete this photo I was wondering if we had seen higher temps at home. I checked and found what I had recorded previously.

June 21, 2014
May 14, 2013

Those days were cooler. I am really hoping we have passed the peak of high temperatures. The down pour over the last couple of days was a welcome cool respite. Last night the rain was especially heavy. We were at a nephew's wedding dinner and above the din we could still occasionally hear the thunder outside. My weather app informed me it was raining cats and dogs outside. Fortunately by the time we left, the rain had settled into a light drizzle.

Not so nice it rained through the night and early morning, I couldn't go to the PCN.

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