Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Underdogs in the civil service

This is happening fourth quarter this year. It is happening across many parts of the civil service. I was watching CNA earlier that it has already arrived at IRAS.

Keep doing is and don't give up. Eventually the allure of getting into a top school will weaken. I am not sure how much the attractiveness of those schools would wane as people are often suckers for status.

This is the minister who decided we will  not give national publicity to our top academic scorers but to overcomers. I had supported him wholeheartedly on that. Never mind if I was quite unhappy with his recent speech at HCI gala dinner in RWS.

We all love underdog stories and always will.

It is too difficult even foolhardy to take away the prized trophies of getting into a top school or bagging a prestigious scholarship but we can subvert it by making other trophies and instead of a few lamps we have many lamps until everyone has a lamp they can be proud of. Again never mind if this takes infinite time. Just in a mood for some mathematical thinking.

In fact the best journeys are those that cannot end so that people may learn that the journey is the reward.


  1. Hoping this is not just because the elections are around the corner. In any case, a move long overdue

  2. I will believe all this policy turn around if the minsters send their children to ITE/Poly and skip uni totally. Put your money where your mouth is. There are just too many loopholes for elites to still game the system, if you know what I mean.

  3. How many of the PAP MPs are non-graduates?