Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Real Singapore Story of a Local Paedophile

My nephew a Psychology student shared this on his Wall. This is the story of a self loathing guy who cannot resist the attraction of young girls. There are many and always hidden similarly afflicted guys like him who saw nothing wrong with their evil urges.

This is a cancer but you can't see it under any microscope. All cancers are involuntary. Some lifestyle choices can increase your risks but you could also be born with heightened risks factors e.g., BRAC mutation

Now the types of cancers invisible under a microscope is perceived by society totally differently from the sorts like paedophilia. But they are similar in the sense that they end up destroying its victims.

The common root of all forms of cancers broadly speaking is an ancient concept from the earliest of times: Sin. As the link back has become so removed and poorly understood especially separated by the chasm of rationality, the connection back to Sin is as good as lost. As Newton launched us into the Enlightenment he and those who came after also cut the bridges that connected us to the ancient wisdom.

To grasp the link back we need to travel back patiently without skipping steps how we got here. I am not going to do the very hard work of writing a long essay on this subject here but I am lucky to be able to borrow if metaphorically from what someone had done for Economics. See Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street.

Those and that is most people who have no idea how we got here, and I mean folks with such vague ideas not even as clear as the refugees of Battlestar Galactica looking for mythical Earth cannot understand what has a congenital condition got to do with paedophilia or even homosexuality.

They thought if it was congenital, so you didn't have a choice in this matter, you cannot be responsible much less guilty. This justify, "I can't help myself". The former is incorrect but the latter is correct! Indeed Sin controls us.

Sin is congenital too and all humans are born sinners. Nothing we do is natural and everything we do is the result of congenital sin. We have and will always suffer from its fatal result regardless if the cause of death is biological or emotional.

Because we are all sinners we do not have the right to judge each other. To keep our societies together we establish laws, their enforcement and the courts to keep civilization going. On the one hand we try our utmost to prevent and help sufferers yet on the other hand they cannot beyond the line in the sand escape judgement and punishment.

Until a lion and a lamb sit together to eat grass when Sin is finally driven out of this world, we are confused about what is natural and unnatural when everything is in fact unnatural.

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  1. selfish generation

    your problem become my problem

    who the hell are you?

    let me speak in simple language

    if you touch any people I care

    I beat you

    stop siding with this kind of people, they dont deserve it

    somebody has to pick the stone