Sunday, August 17, 2014

The New myENV app

Yesterday, I removed the attractive updated myENV app on my phone and replaced it with the old one. Fortunately I had the old copy in my S3 and I could make an APK file out of it and install it on my ZenFone.

The earlier version of myENV doesn't look anywhere as good as the new one but it is far more useful to me.

Really unless you work in the basement and have no window to look out of, who cares what is the current weather? I am interested to know what might be coming in the next few hours and the rest of the day.

To me NEA had failed to understand how their app was used. However I remain open minded here. Perhaps I could still get the 3 hour and 12 hour weather forecast but somehow I just couldn't find it. If so, I would dearly have appreciated if VB had used that as his example screen shot. Show me you appreciate how users might be using this app, not just how good it looks.

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