Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunny Bookshop closing

It is sad to see Sunny Bookshop close but I guess it could not be avoided.

Wifey and I were regulars at their Far East Plaza outlet even before we got married. So many books we took out didn't make it back to the shop. Today we have so many of them with the Sunny loan sticker on the back of their front covers.

When the kids were old enough, we bought them many Magic School Bus and Berenstain Bears from Sunny. The kids outgrown them and we have given them all away for those who can make good use of them.

Once we met the first owner when we were transiting in Taiwan on the way back from San Francisco. It was like meeting old friends. She knew how to connect with customers. If my memory serves me well it was there that she told us she was selling the business. She was reluctant but her husband had persuaded her to call it a day.

Why does Sunny Bookshop have to close? Simply because former regular customers like us no longer buy from them. We are mostly into eBooks now. Meanwhile lacking imagination they had failed to reinvent themselves. A similar fate awaits all businesses that fail to adapt as we restructure our economy.


  1. I believe the major factor that leads to the end of outfits like Sunny is the escalating rental costs. I lamented the passing of similar shops even at Bras Basah Complex. Book reading the traditional way will not pass away but sadly, these "personalised" stores will - no thanks to the landlords

  2. meantime, are we getting value for money anymore?

    Coke, Pepsi try to fatten bottom line with smaller servings

    and I sure notice my Sensodyne toothpaste has gotten shorter and softer in texture while the retailers are promoting the newer tubes as bargain priced

  3. Hello.. I understand they will be closing on the 20th August, but would you know if the store is still in operation in Plaza Sing? Thanks :)