Friday, August 29, 2014

Second Notebook for the daughter

I had planned to get her two Notebook PCs. One work horse at home and a highly portable one to carry to campus. Her old machine is subjecting her to a slow torture test breaking down a little at a time. I decided it is about time to replace it especially when we can get good deals at COMEX. So we bought her a V5 i5 PC for $999 which comes with second year extended warranty. At Challenger I would have to pay $1099 and another $159 for two years extended warranty.

Here are the two Notebooks. The Acer Switch 10 on top of the Acer V5. 15.6 inch vs 10.1 inch.

The machine below is going out. It had served her well for almost 5 years. I am surprised it lasted so long.

The Switch 10 is at least as fast as this old trusty fellow and the V5 is at least twice as fast.

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