Monday, August 4, 2014

MSF: 85% satisfied with family life

I am sure that I am not alone in becoming skeptical about survey results. Many are done these days and they regularly contradict each other. They are effectively useless. The truth is out there unseen but sometimes felt.

Just a few days earlier I read about the growing number of young people committing suicide. But in the same report social workers blamed too much smart phone use as the culprit. I thought they were confusing the cause and the effect. That was as inane as blaming crying for sadness.

Given time nobody will trust any survey results and few people are trained to judge if a proper survey was carried out. So there is no point even if the process is transparent.

For me, it is best to be agnostic; as good as no surveys were done.

Update: 10:30am

Just came across this by Andrew Loh. Posting it here because it is convenient. I could have looked for and use any examples. We are spoiled for choice.


  1. Surveys are to support the rights or the wrongs? Just like statistics.

  2. Statistics - lies, lies, damned lies