Friday, August 1, 2014

MOH: More courage on Ebola please

A media rush job. No explanation, no risk to SPH, just dump onto us MOH full statement.

What does MOH means by low risk of Ebola appearing in Singapore? We are a major air hub too. I think more frightening but rational is if Ebola makes its appearance here we can isolate and contain it quite easily. More people here will die of Dengue than Ebola.

Ebola may be deadly but it is hard to pass on to another without very close contact. I think this is key to how it will be contained. The quality of the health system is critical which is absent in West Africa.

MOH could be more credible with a more anticipatory media release. Isn't it obvious that readers will challenge their line of reasoning? I wished they were more courageous in deciding how to disseminate and inform the public.

Always strive to do what is right than what is easy.

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  1. Once again, we need credible statements from our scholarly leaders. Say it right and they wouldn't get all the wrong vibes.