Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LHL: A decade as PM

1. Why do we even need to reflect on his ten years as PM when the job is not finished? What's the usefulness of doing this except to try to move a 49% to 51%  for some to give him a pass mark or at 74% to 75% for supporters to give him an A? I don't recall GCT going through this exercise.

2. To me he was good for the country especially the financial side of things but for the average person he/she was worse off. The wealth and income divide grew into an unsconscionable gap. He cared for the rich but tolerated the poor until he realized he can't take the latter for granted because it will cost him his job.

3. I didn't bother to read anything on this subject yesterday except the very well written economic review by my ex colleague Prof Tan Kong Yam. Always appreciated his down to earth insight.

The next five to ten years is not going to be a break from the last ten. So I am sure Singapore will become more and more like an ordinary country. There will be less leadership and more populism. You cannot be special without unique thinking and character but we are quite unique in how we pay our leaders. Our greatest handicap is that we have no leader with foresight.

Remember if we look good to others it is only because we are the top boy in a class of failures.

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