Saturday, August 9, 2014

ISIS: Fighting Intolerable Evil

Even in my feverish state I cannot stop thinking about the psychopath army of the Islamic State

My first unhappiness is that Muslim organizations the world over had allowed these miscreants to use the word "Islamic". That organization has nothing to do with Islam. It is totally demon possessed.

Just as China and Japan quarrel over the names of islands in the East China Sea, Muslim leaders everywhere should refuse to accept the ISIS or ISIL as the Islamic State much less the Caliphate. And they ought to keep drumming up this point until we are sick of it. This is the most powerful message they can send any potential recruits having ideas of joining these devils in Iraq.

I think we are past any peaceful solutions dealing with these jihadists except I am sorry to say exterminate them. Evil may remain dormant in our books to remind and warn us of the terrible things it can bring upon us. But when evil turn into flesh and blood there is no choice but to meet it with arms and destroy it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer understood this too and planned to assassinate Hitler.

I hope Barack Obama will grasp this and use the US military together with other world powers to put an end to the evil madness in Iraq.

Lest people forget, if Hamas were to exchange places with the ISIS, they will do the same. They and the Hizbollah are evil groups waiting for the opportunity to commit genocide. Hamas might score propaganda victories but I believe the truth about them will eventually prevail.

As I pound my keyboard in a hurry, I feel good that our F-15s just flew by outside my window. We must never let up investing in our own defense. You never know when they are needed. Had Probowo become President of Indonesia, we might have to use the SAF to talk to him. This is not a stretch of the imagination at all when you consider how idiotic he is fighting the results of the elections. That guy is delusional and a bully. With such characters you are force to give him a slap as nothing else would wake him up.

Update 9:35 pm

I have this book but not the time to get to it. Yes, the Israelis can do better, much better like I had written before. There will not be peace there until the circumstances is completely changed, i.e., Israel's enemies are completely unable to completely destroy Israel in a genocidal frenzy or Israel very existence is imperiled. In the former scenario, Israel will feel secure enough not to carry on with its excess. If the latter is the outcome, we will be checking our apocalyptic holy books again.


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