Monday, August 11, 2014, What for?

I thought William Wan was on the radio Talk Back program this morning. It took me a while to realize that the guest Mr. Lim was none other than founding chairman Lim Siong Guan.

I had not paid much attention to this new non-profit. Honour each other? Better drill down to something more tangible in clear verbs and nouns. Honour is just too abstract.

To me the squeeze in Singapore has increased the number of zero sum games in our society. Civil competition makes way for uncivil rivalry. In such situations you need faith to stick to your values because in your face you can see that you will in the short term lose to the unscrupulous. In the next round of competing you can see that the ones who had won by underhanded means are now at a competitive advantage vis a vis you. Do you play by the rules of honour or those of the jungle? Yes, by the old fashioned rules but only for those who live by faith. They are the minority and they do not need to buttress them. In short, this new organization can do nothing for the substance in Honour but plenty with form. Do not confuse honour with civility. The latter is what we will get.


  1. If I may propose a movement then it should be "responsible" movement

    the whole issue of Singapore is simply because a lot of people are


    irresponsible husband/wife
    irresponsible parents
    irresponsible child
    irresponsible citizen
    irresponsible government
    irresponsible people
    irresponsible driver
    irresponsible boss & employee

    and cause all these issues

    family issue
    population issue
    wealth issue
    respect issue
    inter-generation issue

    I write all these to you readers because

    I know some of you care and can do something

    teach them to be responsible for their roles

    tell them what are their responsibility and do your responsibilty as well

    thats how things should be done and

    peace will settle by itself

    1. Thanks! I agree with you.

      Responsible actions even done unwillingly but persistently have a very high chance of making the person willing in the end. It is one of the few paths open leading from form to substance.

  2. I fully agree too. We can also count among irresponsible people as those who innocently help spread malicious messages about the wrongdoings of some race or creed when clearly the actions highlighted therein can be attributable to any other race or creed as evidenced in the annals of human history. I woke up this morning to receive a mail spammed by some good-intenting friend forwarding a mail wherein Churchill supposedly commented about "Mohammedianism" back in 1899. We have to be cautious that often behind a brother-brother or family feud is often the evil one or one of its advocates in pursuit of some private agenda. Such messages often originate from qusrters that have an axe to grind, a vengeance to seek or just mere evil provoctions of disharmony or war. There are enough episodes of wickedness commited by people of every race and creed and to amplify those without insights of cyclical trends of human histories will only assist in repeating the conflicts and destructions that have plagued world history. Let's walk in the light and don't be biasedly judgmental will help preserve much needed sanity in this very much broken world. After all we are all transitional so why seek to change it in our own "exclusive" (and often selfish) way rather than the Divine Will. Let His Will be done and Inshallah we all pray