Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ebola: Right not to wait for the WHO

That's right, don't wait for the WHO. One airline trusted the ICAO that it was safe to fly over Ukrainian airspace to tragic consequences. Our plane was just lucky to avoid being targeted. People should understand and take responsibility for what they are doing. True, it isn't always possible to do so in everything. I don't understand enough about how the engine works underneath the bonnet but I didn't think the engine would explode either. On the other hand I have an idea what to do if there is an electrical fire in the car.

The problem with organizations like the WHO is that there is too much politics involved. You want to look to them for an epidemiological opinion which you can trust but that is only possible if you can hear and not quote someone in the know.

Look around us, interested parties are always trying to influence or worse capture regulatory authorities and professional bodies to further their narrow objectives. There is an invisible war going on and the masses are by and large clueless.

Lazy countries who don't want to take responsibility will wait for the WHO to rule on Ebola. If something goes wrong they could blame the WHO. That's just madness. The Malaysians have given up pinning blame on the ICAO. You can't blame another bigger than you. That's also how America got  away with big mistakes especially the financial crisis of 2008 and their reckless adventures in the Afghan and Iraqi wars.

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  1. No laughing matter but not to over-stress ourselves, here's a small joke. But actually, it brings forth a subtle message which is no laughing matter. When we cross borders, we need be aware of people who can only understand their whole native language and none of others.
    Here goes. A Hokkien elderly couple arrived at US immigration. Officer asked "do you have any fever" turning to the old man. But old man speak no English. Immigration officer asked again and again. "Hello, do you have a FEVER?" The irritated wife shouted back at the officer in Hokkien "E bo lah" E bo lah"
    airport security immediaetey triggered Red Alert!