Tuesday, August 5, 2014

City Harvest Church Leaders trial: The easy stuff

When they first made appearance on our old calendars and the papers went to town to tell and follow the story closely, I could understand round tripping.

Along the way when the prosecution tried to expose how these church leaders were hiding in broad daylight - complex stuff, it became harder to follow. Some readers even begun to think some of them could end up acquitted.

Now it has become easy again and naturally attracted much interest: 173 comments and counting. What! The church spent half a million bucks to buy unsold Ho's CDs? Who do they think they are? The church's bank accounts were their personal accounts to please themselves with?

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  1. religion is such an "opium" that drugs the gullible ripping them off their purse strings and any sensible brain matter. Finding God can be so simple when treating each other with integrity and respect. Sometimes one would wonder how many attend church services for private agenda - like networking with potential contacts for own gain rather than experiencing God.