Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CHC and Deviant Islam

I just visited the CHC Confessions page and I am not writing about the trial of its six leaders and latest allegations by its former investment manager against Kong Hee which is scandalous enough to go viral. No, my thoughts are about the version of Deviant Islam we are confronting right now. They are visible in the Middle East and hiding here and our neighbors waiting for the chance to create maximum havoc through the death of innocents and the massive destruction of infrastructure.

I know too little about Islam to quickly understand to my satisfaction the process of twisting its teachings into a deviant self serving form.

I have also not done the study how civilized and high performing German society could be seduced by Adolf Hitler. I guess the reasons can wait because the fact of the matter is that overwhelming evidence is shouting at us how easily people can be misled especially under the right circumstances. For Islam, enough Muslims and for too long they saw their religion under threat. Armed Jihad has become their response.

Ever since ISIL emerged, and seeing how eager their fighters are for martyrdom, I have been wondering why don't we oblige them by executing in a humane way everyone we capture or just killed off in fights. They keep recruiting we keep hanging eh? These demon possessed characters cannot be exorcised and it is not right that they should be martyrs by bringing along with them innocent people. They are leaving us no choice. Throwing them in jail where Kong Hee and his ilk are likely to end up will not solve the problem.

The longer term solution demand that we rectify and correct the perception among Muslims that their religion is not under threat. And we must do this with haste because too many vulnerable and poorly grounded in Islam Muslims are being seduced away and brain washed for armed jihad. Once possessed by deviant Islam, many turned into hard nut cases, impossible to rehabilitate. The Islamic teachers have their job cut out for them to save as many of their flock as possible even as they root out the deviant teachers among them.

With deviant Christian leaders you mostly just lose money and time. We would be paying with our lives if we are not quick, firm and thorough in our campaign against Deviant Islam. The time has probably come to hit them in every way and on every front including armed engagements to destroy them on the battlefield. President Obama must not tunnel vision this issue as one peculiar to the Middle East when it is a global and existential problem.

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