Monday, July 21, 2014

Watching Kasia from across

A couple of days earlier I had bought the Galaxy Tab S for wifey from this shop. Since then the price had gone down by another $10 to $655.

On Friday night as I stood across from the shop curiously watching how they are doing, two workers from the cleaning crew were doing window shopping.

They spent a long time looking at the display and eventually parked their vehicle and went in. They came out after a short time. I guess they got the info they wanted. Perhaps they will return to buy the phone later?

After they left, I went over to take a look what those two were looking at earlier.

So they were looking at Galaxy S3 mini. It is now going for $288

The beauty of tech toys is the healthy deflation. Eventually everyone can afford a smart phone and plug into each other. This is very important for networking and mobility. Guys like Kasia is playing an important role making them available to price sensitive buyers (which I am one!) sooner.

Guess what? I think Kasia will find and read this blog post.

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