Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tharman on the struggle for investment returns

Such clarifications from Tharman should have been shared with us long ago. All the grief and worry for nothing. I had even reasoned in an earlier post on this subject which is logically sound given the information I had.

This is an important revelation from the minister.

I had worried out loud that the returns to CPF might be guaranteed but we could take a huge hit on the SGD.  So much for no risk. Like they say low crime does not mean no crime.

All these is well and good but the man in the street would not know how horribly hard when you have such a huge margin of safety to also drive high returns. We can ride the short term fluctuations even if they are fairly wild but we are absolutely finished if ever the world enters a Dark Age. We should just leave end of the world scenarios alone. There is not profit in those.

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  1. Indeed Mr Tharman made a more understandable and open explanation of the thorny issue. Thank God for a good leader