Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Social Apps: running out of ideas

Just came from reading parts of this article. I am not interested in Brian Meyer. He is already better off than most tech entrepreneurs who suffer the fate of being ignored. What piqued me is that I may be seeing the first signs of a drought in the social app space first started by Facebook

This space is running out of ideas. There is not even enough space for wannabes that they have to end up creating vulgar apps.

To me people hate Brian Meyer's ReservationHop is because it is yet one more more thing reduced to the level of it goes to whoever can pay. Sure, using price to decide where demand meet supply is great until it isn't. There are goods and services that support social activities that are sacrosanct from money. Not everyone can put words to this but there is something manifestly unfair if you jump queue and paying to get ahead just doesn't feel morally right.

I am glad to see ReservationHop fail and I am hopeful that Brian Meyer richer for the lesson.

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