Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sandra Davie: Degree or Skills?

To keep it simple and stupid articles are frequently written like this: black or white.

In real life the most passionate chefs will trade off the university degree for the kitchen. I have a friend who had made that choice. These are the types who will spearhead the trend toward skills as early birds. Over time more will walk their path even if they were less passionate. But the process is very slow and socio-economically I am not sure we can afford the long wait. The end point is a more egalitarian society where non-grads are as valued and respected as grads. So it is shades of grey when you consider the change process.

Had my daughter been as passionate about writing as this friend was with the culinary arts, her best option would be to pursue her passion because no trials ahead can take her down. Without the burning hot passion exemplified by dreaming about writing when she isn't writing, she is going to pursue a professional degree at university and indulge her passion on the side. Perhaps she will make the switch later on. That's up to her as her love for writing could fan those embers into flames or possibly wane. I have seen how she had warmed to Physics and become less enthusiastic over time. Didn't prevent her from acing the subject and Math which will become invaluable equipment in her toolbox of skills.

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  1. Only so call managerial skill worth in Singapore

    Eveything else is blue collar and worth a pittance

    Sick society