Monday, July 21, 2014

Prabowo urged to lose graciously

I had feared that Prabowo might win because most people hadn't think he had stood any chance at all in the beginning. The guy is no democrat, a wolf in sheep clothing but the system permit anyone to stand for elections.

For a candidate who saw losing is not an option, no wonder he is a sore loser. I wouldn't suggest much less press it; if indeed losing is not an option you should pay with your life for the defeat. Simply those words have no place in a democratic system. Sure, in some other systems you could lose your life if you lose. Surely that is the true meaning of losing is not an option. Had he won, he would try but I think he would fail in the end, to roll back Indonesians political freedoms. Sure happy to see that he had lost.

Kudos to the Indonesians for making the better choice.


  1. Gotta admit u r rite on this one

    As simple as that

  2. Peng You, sorry I have to insert this here in case you missed this newspiece

    Sad news - the young evangelical pastor TONY PALMER who actually got Pope Francis and his evangelical community together recently in a powerful coming together at the evangelical conference died Sunday of a motorcycle crash. A good soul has just moved on. Please remember him in your prayers

    1. Thanks for the update. We have lost a peacemaker and pray for his family to cope with this very grave loss. We also hope there will be more peace seekers because there is way too much conflict.