Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pedophile Teachers

I had wanted to write this for sometime but never get the chance. Once the story is a few days old I do not blog about it. But the media keep giving me opportunities and I am not letting this one go this time.

This topic had also been discussed on 93.8 Talk Back show but nobody had aired what was on my mind all along: Just as a herd of deer attract predators, that is exactly where pedophiles can be found whenever to them there is plenty of prey. Just as the most vulnerable animal became food for the hunters, so it is the same in our schools. Just as the majority of parents put in the effort to keep their children safe and so they are not overly concerned this only makes the remaining children even more vulnerable.

This problem is hard to solve but we can make it far less serious if schools are able to identify the vulnerable kids and protect them before they are ensnared by the evil wolves disguised as teachers.

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