Monday, July 21, 2014

NTU freshmen orientation camp: Poor Safety Culture

If my memory serves me well, every year there is something unflattering about these university orientation camps making its way to the media.

To me, many of the organizers are inexperienced and also incompetent young adults taking risks they don't understand. They were lucky, someone could have died. In this case one would have thought having been through NS there would be enough of them who knew better.

This country as I have lamented a few times in earlier posts have no proper mindset about safety. Off hand I remember two incidents out of too many well. One fatality at the OCBC sponsored cycling event last year and another of my friend's kid at another public games.

Of course SIA along with a bunch of safety clueless airlines flew over Ukraine without knowing the risks. Meanwhile I note with admiration how Qantas had months ago avoided overflying the country. I also recall Kim Peek who inspired the movie Rain Man as the autistic savant with a perfect photographic memory fearful of flying would only accept Qantas and no other airline. His research and memory served him well.

Here is an example of Qantas pilots' performance. I wouldn't trust our SQ pilots to be up to this task.

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  1. the top management at SIA can well answer why - if not for profits, shouldn't they err on conservatism and safety for the passengers and crew?