Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Now Apple and IBM share a bed

As between states, so is the same with large companies; there are no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.

Apple finally looks to successfully transitioning out of Steve Job's shadow. Were the icon still alive, he would be dreaming and building new products which we didn't know we want. He would never share the same bed with IBM, after all he doesn't need to.

This new relationship with IBM will help Apple successfully differentiate itself from Samsung, as the world wait for the next Steve Job to appear. The only thing we can be sure about this person is that he wouldn't be from Apple but he or she might be homosexual. So to cast a very long line, that is why our government try very hard to welcome and accommodate the LGBT community and at the same time strive to balance it against local sensitivities especially from the Malay Muslims.

And why did Goldman Sachs have a special recruiting event for the LGBTs? Simply the probability of finding talent among them is so much higher. You could do very well looking for talent among Ashkenazi Jews but that's impractical for us.

But at the personal level I find my attitude toward LGBT activism hardening. They are too impatient and mostly only understand selfish love. I am completely turned off by how they reacted to the NLB book pulling controversy.

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  1. The expression you use "selfish love" is so apt