Friday, July 18, 2014

NLB will not pulp two books

In an earlier post I wrote that I wished and believed those books will not in the end be pulped. What was hoped for has now been delivered. But why did NLB take so long? It was not a difficult decision. I can only speculate the reasons: To uncover as many chauvinist writers as possible. These types do not serve or advance the literary life of our society much less its social discourse.

These irrational writers who are long on their book religion or forms and short on essence and substance have publicly disqualified themselves from writing for our society. I think they are fit to only write for themselves and their small fraternity. No wonder their books do not sell. They rather win book awards and only cared for how they thought of each other. They cared for best writing in their narrow way and paid no heed to be best selling authors unless it was on their terms. This double mind and life have doomed them to commercial failure, which they then blame the market here to be too small. In other words, they never take responsibility for their performance, a topic I had been posting on today.

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  1. What to do?

    What daddy rat teach, tots rats follow