Monday, July 14, 2014

National Council of Problem Gambling: Laugh Last, Laugh Best

When this apparent "boo boo" by the NCPG first appeared and everyone was making fun of them including our friends and enemies abroad, I was tempted to write this is yet another example of clueless civil servants that are out of touch. I refrained from doing so. With my markets background, I sensed this wasn't so simple and I am glad I did.

NCPG gets the last laugh. This was a brilliant move, a message that had gone much further than it was hoped.

The moral of the story is that the gambler eventually loses. It hasn't gotten there yet but the story can be framed to end that way which is not far from the reality for too many gamblers. It can also just stop here too....that's why I timed my post for today.

Now this is truly not a top boy in a class of failure act. It is a world class act. Kudos to NCPG. Make my day! I have long wanted to say good things about my government but they need to give me the excuses to.

We now have two acts, NLB Elaine Ng and this NCPG public message campaign. Can we have some more?


  1. oh no peng you, all gamblers know it'll end this way but not the novices!

  2. This is called damage control. When they make this ads. They themselves are also gambling.

  3. flirting with Lady Luck always gets one to the same end - destruction. Whoever can go around claiming they are always on the winning streak are either just an instrument to lure others into the pit or just lying (for face or self-deception). The only way to gain (material and spiritual) financial freedom is to base one's life on decent hard work. Any easy way is always at the expense of someone else.