Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little India Riot: Top boy in a class of failures

The COI recommended eight measures and they were as expected gladly welcomed and accepted by the government. This is a 110% response when a 80 to 90% preparedness would have prevented the riot in the first place. The MPs of the area and residents have for years pressed for preventive measures but it had regularly fallen on deaf ears.

Oh,"....rushed to the scene" eh, conveniently forgetting how many hours it took for the SOC to appear.

I think the Home Affairs Minister was over the top praising his men. By and large they did what they could especially the junior officers given that they have hands tied. Certainly they are far more motivated than those working for SMRT. A few had shown exceptional courage under fire.

How could the minister not effusively encourage the Home Team especially when the fault was with him, his predecessos, policy makers and the most senior officers? Your underlings had successfully covered your backs for you all.

This is how the top boy in a class of failures perform. Many other countries make such mistakes and never learn. We are learning and responding with 110%. The one who passed is the government who had listened and prevented this from happening in the first place. The one who admit that his government is only the best failure would have confessed and apologized for their failure to prevent the riot. This is the best the PAP government can achieve, which by global standards isn't bad, but it also mean that they need more opposition MPs in parliament to keep them honest, as on their own they don't do a very good job in that department.

It is so easy to gain my vote but for your stupid pride you are still losing mine and I wonder how many others.


  1. Men in blue to be commended and rewarded for their complete failure?

  2. The level of competence as measured by the PAP yardstick.
    The top man not in sync with the views of the general public or members of the BOI

  3. Typical fire fighting policies that we have seen from the government in recent years. Complacency crept into our system with the likes of MBT, WKS, Lemond Lim etc. End result is a huge loss of goodwill built over the years and poor leadership