Saturday, July 5, 2014

Indra Mooyi: Women can't have it all

What women only? It is all of us except the luck few who had it fell on their lap. That's why it is luck.

I forwarded this as an article to my ex boss yesterday. No problem, she admitted she was very lucky but I was pointing out to her so many women high fliers espousing the lie that women can have it all.

Yahoo put up the story this morning. I went to YouTube to find one I can embed but got far more than I was looking for. I can't have it all, I am not going to be able to sit through almost half an hour of this. I stopped  a little beyond 5 minutes, the bit where she told the story how she became President and Board member of Pepsico.

I couldn't even in a hurry complete this post on a Saturday morning without a child interrupting. I put down everything for them when they call. Yeah, my parents rarely do that for me but I have reordered my priorities better than they had for my siblings and me. The kids are more important than say a less clean house. Career sacrifice? It is huge when you have a special needs kid because you have lost flexibility and often you can't have someone take your place.

I was told Indra Mooyi was all over US TV yesterday. That's for bursting a huge big bubble or more aptly lie.

Update: 10:30am

Two mornings ago, as usual I had to wake my daughter up for school, I told her I had figured out why the answer was 20/7. Simply it can be seen as adding two vectors 2 + 6/7 which her elder sister and I had helped solved for a badly formed question the night before. The answer had came to me as I was on the verge of getting out of bed at 5 in the morning. Dumb question I told her for I would have given her solution straight away. The question had failed to specify the point of reference. Where the hell did it want the observer to be? I decided it must have been referring to observing the motion from the lamp post.

And last night whilst shopping at Uniqlo we were discussing Electonegativity and various problems from Chemistry.....

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