Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hong Lim Park event for Gaza

I suppose most of us didn't know an event protesting the killing of civilians especially children by the IDF was held as Hong Lim Park yesterday by From Singapore to Palestine (FS2P). In fact this is the first time I have heard about this group.

According to the ST the event attracted a few hundred people. I could tell from photos that they were many Malays Muslims. After all the Gazans are mostly Muslims too.

Israel has reduced an unimaginably complex issue for us into very simple black and white terms. If you kill children, so young that they can't even tell between right and wrong so that Israel might feel secure, Israelis have to ask themselves if living has any meaning left. What is the difference between killing them and eating them in order to live? This is evil. Keep this up, you can win every battle but eventually you will lose the war and if God does not protect you, Israel would be wiped out.

Do you think killing more Hamas members will cause them to give up? Israel is not fighting militants but an idea which will not die. Even if you could kill all Palestinians, a crime of genocide tantamount to the Holocaust, Israel would not survive either. It would simply just be mutually assured destruction.

Seek peace, the price everyone is paying now is so high and will get higher that even life is too cheap. And if you don't survive in the end, what use is achieving peace through killing people?

Israel has learned nothing from the Holocaust.

The conundrum is the moment the IDF stop killing children, a simple issue immediately becomes horribly complex again. But you simply can't be killing kids. Courage and character must win over bravery and strength. Love must overcome hatred.

Update: 11:15 am

So Hamas hit the UN school killing the fifteen children and not the IDF? What does it matter? Some common sense is in order here. Just like in a heavy downpour you cannot avoid getting wet, so if you fight each other in a city crowded with civilians, people get killed. If your starting premise is wrong, everything that flows from it will also be wrong.

This is the sort of bankrupt thinking that leads only to misery and senseless suffering.

Update: 3:00pm

Not by any shot am I conceited enough to suggest that this general agrees with me, rather it is the other way round. He gets it! I think this company is also growing rapidly and I hope Israel wake up its stupid idea and stop their flawed invasion.


  1. sadly there have been so many lies and coverups. Sounds like the devil itself

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    … Their Views Would Change Overnight

  2. How many have quoted and requoted - a lie repeated enough becomes the truth

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  3. Emirates has decided not to fly over Iraq

    Is SIA fine with that - assuming that is a regular path it has been using? Or just awaiting for someone to take the bullet from the russian roulette game?

  4. This issue has been burning for decades in modern time, and for millenniums in biblical times. How to both satisfy Israel's need for security and Palestine's need for independence? Despite many attempts, it is groups like Hamas that have been the spoiler. The raison d'etre of such groups is to ensure the annihilation of Israel. When a peace treaty is close at hand, Hamas will lob launch a few missiles at Israel, knowing that Israel will respond, and thus scuttle any possible peace.

  5. something one tends to wonder if it is the savior or the demon at work

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  6. In the meantime, so timely we are getting a big global problem brewing

    I hope our airport/causeway people would not be caught sleeping on their jobs, lest caught the virus themselves

    1. Thanks. Virologists have been expecting this day but couldn't know when that day is. The virus use to infect and kill rapidly which is the best way to stop it from spreading widely. Now the kill rate has dropped from 90% to 60% and infected persons can often carry it for many days to pass on to others instead of dying rapidly like before.

  7. Amazing - MOH stated ebola is low risk because "there is low travel connectivity to West Africa where the current outbreak remains limited to". So can we presume we don't get many people coming in from the continent and have been transiting planes. The guy who died was transiting between planes. The virus has a relatively long incubation period. Not sure the statement suggests letting down one's guard at the entry points into Singapore (both at airport and at causeways)