Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hong Kong courting its doom

HongKongers are using whatever means they have to tell Beijing and the world they don't like the way they are governed.

To me this is not going to end well. No win-win outcome is possible. Beijing will never back down, neither will the pro-democracy types cave in to Beijing. If there is no choice, Beijing will sacrifice Hong Kong and Shanghai can take over all the roles of Hong Kong. Of course that isn't possible especially the impartial rule of law. Shanghai could mostly serve China's needs like Tokyo is also as a financial centre. Its regional and global role would probably come to us.

7 million in Hong Kong compared to 170 its population on the mainland. The toe nail cannot dictate to the head even if it can cause an awful lot of trouble to the whole body.

On the other hand I sympathize with the Hongkongers. How else could we expect them to respond to Beijing? This is one tragic script that is playing and cannot be stopped.

Beijing attitude is my way or the highway.

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