Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hamas: Consequences of no brains, only hatred

Look like what I am hearing from the car radio and now reading a little is a Hamas that do not have or use any brains because they are so filled with hatred for Israel. I am afraid that hate will in due course completely destroy Hamas.

I am stunned by the number of children deaths from the IAF airstrikes. How could this be unless Hamas had sacrificed them in an attempt to win a propaganda war against Israel. Parents would lay down their lives for their kids. This reminds me of what we saw on TV not long ago about the early days of modern Singapore. There was a school boy who was bleeding from riot police action, but instead of sending him quickly to hospital the Communists and its sympathizers paraded him to stoke as much public anger as possible that in the end he died from massive blood loss. I am not privy to what Hamas had done but I would think they had sacrificed these children. It is an old playbook. No wonder the IAF attacked the homes of Hamas military commanders. They are evil.

Only your brothers in hate will be with you. No wonder Hamas have few friends and they desperately need friends now. Israel has gained the upper hand but to me as an outsider I just don't want to see civilians especially children killed. I don't care whose case has more merit. Just stop the killing of innocents.

If Israel starts a land war against Hamas, would they be deploying non lethal means to minimize casualties? You know, "set weapons to stun". Fighter bombers can't do that but you can do that with hand carried weapons.

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